CO - Cologne Order is the name of a new fashion trade show that will take place in Cologne on August 5-7. “The former Interjeans Cologne was well established as a place to order fashion. We want to relate to that tradition,” says Ali Gharib, manager and spokesperson of CO.

The fair will be located in the Cologne Exhibition Centre. “We have a very good deal with the Cologne fair company, Kölner Messe. We can use space from 2,500 sq. meters up to 18,000 sq. meters, depending on how many exhibitors we will attract,” Gharib explains. The number of brands showing, then, could range from 60 to 400. In addition, the center’s exterior area, the so-called Rhine terraces, will be used for things such as catering.

Concerning the exhibitors, Gharib envisions an interesting mixture with individual booths. “We are open to mens- and womenswear as well as to young fashion including shoes and accessories,” he says. ”But of course, there will be a selection. Still we have the impression that some other events became to closed up. We tend to be more open and flexible.“

Gharib says that Enyce, Phat Farm and Pony are some of the brands already slated to show at CO.

All in all, the new fair was created to be a regional German order place, not an international event. “Berlin is great, but we have the feeling that a lot of German retailers prefer a smaller comfortable city,” says Gharib. “Cologne is an ideal space for that.“

– Sabine Kühnl, Bureau Chief Germany