The Danish women’s brand Only has kicked off a European-wide special retailer program called Airborne Denim in which new styles are offered to wholesale customers at 13 international airports for one week. Sportswear International’s Lena Grossmüller visited the Airborne Denim event in Frankfurt and talked to Laura Nørgaard, design manager at Only, about the latest trends and news.

What is the idea behind the Only Airborne Denim Tour?

We want to show our customers the latest trends but in a very special atmosphere. The Airborne Denim concept shows that we act close to the season and we can deliver the requested products at the requested place in the requested time. In only one month the collection will be sold in shops all over Europe. Retailers are really enthusiastic about it because there are only two hours for each event, so time to react is limited. This implies exclusiveness. All in all, the Airborne tour this year was very successful, although unfortunately many retailers cancelled their participation because of the winter weather conditions in Europe.

In Only’s spring/summer collection the 80s are omnipresent. Why is this decade still a big influence on fashion today?

The 80s are fascinating because of their colourful and young attitude. The mood was embellished and childish at the same time. Although you find typical elements of the 80s in Only’s summer collection, the coming trend leads to another exciting time: the 90s. On the one hand, fashion still was very crazy at that time but on the other hand it finally got more mature and moved to a kind of business style. Suits and blazers are playing a big role in the summer collection.

In addition to the 90s style, what are the trends for the next season?

We see three main trends for the coming seasons: First of all, dots. Stripes have dominated the look for such a long time but that is over now. We have already taken up dots in the Express Collection but they will appear more and more especially in a mixture with prints and in used optics. The second inspiration is embellishment which we interpreted with elements of the punk and grunge movement like zippers and chains. The key item is definitely lace which is used as the fabric itself or as a print on shirts and skirts. According to lace, the third trend is the use of black and white in a raw way. That means, for example, white shirts with heavy black dots or contrasting prints. In the denim section the silhouette trends continue to be influenced by worker or, rather, utility wear and the boyfriend’s wardrobe. Customers can experience a clear contrast between voluminous models in harem style in comparison to skinny models like the slim fit or even jeggings. The variety of washings starts at the classical destroyed look which is very raw in spring but moderate in fall. We also offer the authentic blue jeans in clear colors with just a little engineering.

Your slogan is “Denimize the world.” What is your answer to the upcoming non-denim trend that makes chinos and other fabrics more popular?

We already have a range of chino and jersey pants in our collection and we even want to add more of it in the next seasons. But of course, denim will always be our main business. We focus on it because it generates the young identity of the brand. Further, it offers a lot of possibilities for different garments and even if you don’t use the fabric itself you can create a denim-like appearance. For this season, for example, we invented a new fabric called Ultimate Stretch which is used for our jeggings. It fits like a second skin but it really looks like denim. So we don’t mind the challenge!