Onitsuka Tiger (onitsukatiger.com) has switched up its marketing ploy with the creation of a giant illuminated shoe installation. Created by international ad agency StrawberryFrog, the dramatic, one-meter-long, neon-lit shoe (as shown above) brings to life the brand’s ‘Electric Tiger Land’ campaign for Srping Summer 2008.

Incorporating distinctive elements such as Tokyo’s splendid skyline, vibrant signage, transport, night markets, and vending machines, the sculpture pays homage to the incredible ambience and energy of Japan. Using a ground-breaking ‘rapid prototyping’ method, and a combination of different light sources, the detailed 3-D model was made by Dutch agency Freedom of Creation.

Playing on Onitsuka Tiger’s Japanese heritage, the project is fit for a brand whose footwear, accessories and apparel fuse cultural references with contemporary design. The fully integrated global campaign maintains this ‘Made of Japan’ philosophy, portraying the company’s Japanese heritage and its attitude to modern-day Japan in an imaginative way.

In-store, a range of stimulating and striking display materials will support the campaign’s light theme. These will include 70cm replica models, abstract Tokyo skyline units and light accessories, LED shelving, and Onitsuka Tiger-logo branded light blocks.

Taking the campaign to the streets, giveaways will include stylishly designed biodegradable bags, intricately detailed metal miniatures of the shoe, and light-inspired items.