O’Neill is announcing the launch of the brand’s new retail concept, which was unveiled for the first time at O’Neill’s flagship store located in the heart of Amsterdam.

The new retail concept is inspired by Jack O’Neill, founder of O’Neill and inventor of the wetsuit, and is more specifically influenced by the surf pioneer’s unique lifestyle and his iconic house overlooking the Pacific coastline in Santa Cruz, Northern California.

Creating a number of different clean spaces to accommodate O’Neill’s performance and lifestyle products for men and women, the new concept boasts a rustic look and feel that is enhanced by the incorporation of organic materials that serve to reflect the purity of NorCal’s natural environment. The original house has also inspired the concept’s weather-beaten color scheme, while a more contemporary twist on the wider theme brings the interior up to date.

The retail concept was developed in close collaboration with the New York City-based firm Anderson Architects and draws a number of overt physical parallels to O’Neill’s original house. In addition to featuring distinctive O’Neill-style portholes, the new concept also incorporates a welcoming porch area with an en-suite bathtub and a comfortable garage area that tempts shoppers to kick back and rest their weary feet.

O’Neill’s Lex van Opstal, Store Design Manager, says: “We set out to create a retail concept that would showcase our range of products in an inspiring light whilst also shedding light on the influences that have made Jack one of surfing’s most innovative and free-spirited characters. We were determined to create a one-of-a-kind retail destination that could double up as a warm and welcoming living space, allowing the past, present and future to exist as one. Essentially, we wanted to take our customers on a journey through time and right into the home of O’Neill, and we’re confident the new concept does all that and a whole lot more.”

Eppo van Berckelaer, Global Marketing Director at O’Neill, adds: “The launch of the new retail concept sets down the foundations for our ability to provide customers from all over the world with a consistent, innovative and premium retail experience. We invite customers to visit our newly reopened Amsterdam store, and look forward to listening to their feedback before rolling the new concept out on a global scale.”

—Regina Henkel