Shanghai based fashion trade show Novomania will change its dates again and from next year on will run two editions instead of one. This is what managing director Guilherme Faria just announced during the current show that took place 17-19 July and hosted around 120 international and Chinese collections from the contemporary fashion, denim/casual wear and accessories segments at the Shanghai Mart.

Due to the new plan Novomania then will run in March to host the autumn/winter collections and in September for the spring/summer collections. Novomania originally had started with a yearly edition in March and only since this year featured the July date. "We now see that July was not good for the local brands as it is too early for them whereas March and September work for both, Chinese and international brands," explained Faria.

The co-founder of Novomania still seemed satisfied with the result of the current edition even though there were less brands and visitors around than in 2012. Accordingly some criticism was heard among the exhibitors in the denim/casual wear hall who had expected a busier surrounding. "It was very empty. We were not really satisfied. We don't belong to the casual or streetwear market so it's not really the right platform for us but I do not know if the right one already exists in China. We wanted to get an idea of the multi brand store scenery in China, but unfortunately this did not work out and we didn't meet the right people", says Antonio Mastrorocco, managing director of Novemb3r. Other brand representatives also expected more visitors but still confirmed they made the right contacts. Robin Chretien, founder and designer of Robin's Jean:

"The show was ok. We made a lot of contacts but nothing concrete yet, so we have to wait and see and probably come back one or two more times. We are mainly looking for partners to open stores with, but sometimes you are looking for one thing and you find something else." The same goes for Zubair Mal and Moshin Musa, brand and sales managers of Voi Jeans: "We expected it to be busier, but in the end we met the people we wanted to meet. There were many agents and distributors at our booth who cover all different provinces in China so we have to check who would be a good partner."

Apart from that Novomania faced a lack of big European labels. Zubair Mal: "It would be important that they bring in more big names that then would also attract others."

The latter Guilherme Faria is already aware of: "Yes, there are some big brands that did not show here this time but this has nothing to do with Novomania itself. Instead we were hit by the tough market situation out there. The show just reflects the market, and European companies are struggling. Of course, the first thing they do is to stop expansion and solve their internal problems. When this is done they will return. In terms of economical growth China is the #1 place to be without any doubt."

The next edition of Novomania will happen 9-11 March at Shanghai Mart.