Now it's official: Pretty Great, LLC, is the new owner of Nikita and Bonfire. The company acquired both brands from Finnish outdoor and winter sports company Amer Sports.

Nikita and Bonfire will be managed by Pretty Great LLC. Key employees of the brands will remain with the company in addition to new hires, and the brands will continue to be based in Portland, OR. Immediate plans include a continued seamless transition for both brands and the sell‐in of Nikita’s Spring/Summer16 line.

Robert Myers, President of Pretty Great, stated: “Our goal, above all else, is to reinforce and maintain the integrity of the Nikita and Bonfire brands. Both have strong stories and timelines within the industry, and we will nurture that at a pace that best protects their heritage.”

Nikita, founded and still designed by Heida Birgisdottir in Reykjavik and sold worldwide, offers a year‐round range of streetwear and a snowboard apparel and hard-­goods line. Bonfire, a global snow outerwear business grown in the Pacific Northwest, celebrated its 25th anniversary last year.