Fuss-ion is a recently-born professional network founded by Dominik Fuss that aims to provide fashion companies with full-service packages or partial solutions to improve their sustainable setup in terms of social, environmental and economical respects. Fuss-ion brings together contacts in fields such as marketing, sales, brand management, product development or graphic design, among others. Via Fuss-ion, steps such as design, local sample production or a responsible production cycle may be organized.

One of the objectives of this professional network that operates offices in Zurich (Switzerland) and Heidelberg (Germany) is to bring product development back to Europe and improve the sustainability, quality and manufacturing period. The list of current users of Fuss-ion's services includes global brands from the high-fashion to sports segment.

In order to guarantee only sustainability-aware global partners, the company carries out an audited selection of material suppliers and apparel manufacturers. It also allows accessing Mycelium, Partners for Sustainable Business Solutions, a newly established network for sustainable and creative business solutions.