The sneaker brand Bepositive was recently acquired by footwear and sportswear insider Bridge Srl from its three past shareholders – entrepreneurs Ubaldo Malvestiti (founder of the brand and owner of Emudesign), Luca Benini (owner of Slam Jam) and the Donnari brothers (with their family company IIC-Industria Italiana Calzature).

Bepositive was founded in 1995 by creative and expert footwear designer Ubaldo Malvestiti. Since its very early days the brand was among the first ones mixing together a sneaker sole with a British laced upper, adding a thin cuir element completing the basis of the upper.

From s/s 2016 the brand will be entirely managed by Bridge Srl, Italian company now coordinating licensing agreements for footwear brands Apepazza and Blauer Sneakers worldwide, and for the apparel and footwear brand Smith’s America Europe wide.

“Our aim in relaunching this brand is to keep the Bepositive’s own characteristic image while involving young designers from all over the world,” commented Fabrizio Ferraro and Adalberto Zordan, co-owners of Bridge Srl, while referring to some of the prestigious collaborations of the brand with, for instance, Comme des Garçons and Uniform Experiment in the past.

From s/s 2016, Bepositive will be sold by international high-end stores including Isetan in Tokyo, 10 Corso Como Seoul, Cartillone in Berlin, Flow Run in Florence, Sears in Bassano Del Grappa and Lazzari in Treviso.