“This is Zara”, says Matthias Alipass, Zara Germany, enthusiastically during the reopening of the Zara-store in Hamburg, Mönckebergstraße. Due to the reconstruction, the shop was closed for several months which inevitably led to loss of turnaround - however, the reconstruction was truly worth it, states Alipass, as the Zara philosophy cannot be reflected in a better way than by the reopened store. Pure, light-flooded, straight-lined and functional is the Zara interior concept, tailored to the particular needs of the customers. The new structure allows the customers to orientate themselves; thus, the configuration of the flagship has become even clearer: on each of the three floors, two viewing corridors stride across; each section is fitted with the same materials; there are no small sections or niches, as the look and the styles of the collections, which are presented in its respective context, offer structure, orientation and order in itself. You won’t find any racks at eye level which the customers cannot reach comfortably; instead of simply hanging up items side by side, there are more opportunities to present outfits frontally. So, a modern store of 2,500 m² - with a second story that has been entirely converted from offices into a sales floor - has been created, offering a clear and customer guiding structure.

In addition, sustainability was an important issue, as the Zara architects highlighted during the reopening: due to intelligent light control, water management and climate control systems, energy costs have been cut by 30 %, water consumption even by 50 %. The integrated wood as well as bags and paper are made of renewable resources. All over the world, there are already 1,500 eco-certified Inditex stores; the aim is to change all 2,050 Zara stores by 2020.