, the 110 year old American utilitarian outerwear brand, has just debuted at Pitti Uomo.

The brand’s most urban and functional division was recently acquired by Italian entrepreneur Cristina Calori. Through a distinct organization the brand has now transformed its heritage and moulded it into a modern expression of classic, utilitarian garments for men and women. The Fall/Winter 2014 collection has just debuted at Pitti Uomo (January 7-10) and will soon also be launched at Bread & Butter (January 14-16) in Europe.

Industry veteran Maurizio Donadi is the brand’s creative director together with his team at Conduit Creative Office. The Spiewak collections are being designed in New York by Kunimasa Odagi (mens) and Lisa Yu (womens). Brand manager of the new project is expert insider Rocco Scazzariello.

“The new Spiewak is an exercise in utility and simplicity. It’s a perfectly modern expression that fits the way people live now. We wanted people to experience these products and understand them through the lens of current culture and then discover that the brand is over a hundred years old,” said Donadi.

The Fall/Winter offerings will be split into two distinct product lines, the main Spiewak collection offering outerwear for men and women that blends modern details, fabrics and shapes with distinct Spiewak styles, and a newborn top-end Spiewak Golden Fleece selection offering iconic archive pieces from its archive made in the US and Canada. This heritage collection will be solely focused on recreating special pieces from Spiewak’s rich history.

The Spiewak offering will consist of men’s and women’s outerwear and will range from $200 for transitional light weight modular jackets to $600 for down filled N3B parkas with detachable coyote fur trim at retail. Spiewak Golden Fleece will range from $450 for New York Made MA-1 Flight Jackets in 40 year-old surplus material to $850 for Canadian made N3B Snorkel parkas with Coyote fur trim in the same surplus material outerwear. Spiewak Golden Fleece will launch with 14oz in Berlin during Bread & Butter in January 2014 with the Limited Edition 110th anniversary parka, and Ron Herman in Los Angeles and Tokyo in February with the launch of the limited edition Woodland Camo MA-1 flight jacket for S/S 2014.

The new Golden Fleece Spiewak collection will be sold to about 40 selected European doors and 120 in The US, in addition to selected retailers in Japan.

In 1904, Isaac Spiewak opened a store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn selling handmade sheepskin vests for stevedores on the Brooklyn waterfront. Today, more then a century later, the company that Isaac began in working class Brooklyn endures as an iconic outfitter of utilitarian clothing for today. Trusted by the soldiers of WWI, WWII, police, firefighters the Spiewak utilitarian apparel manufacturer continues to be owned and managed by the Speiwak family while the more urban apparel division will live through its new owner’s separate organization and project.