Hamburg-based fashion online retailer Frontlinehop has a new management. As arose from industry insiders, Jens Lafrenz has been appointed new CEO on Wednesday, August 20. His predecessor Stefan Sommer will leave the management board by the end of this week for personal reasons.

At the same time, Frontlineshop’s chief buyer Marc Lohausen and CFO Dirk Wasmund have been given procuration.

Stefan Sommer
Stefan Sommer
Jens Lafrenz: “We thank Stefan for his work. With his help, Frontlineshop’s brand identity and portfolio have been sustainably sharpened and the website has been fundamentally modernized in functionality and aesthetics.”
Lafrenz has held several leading management positions in the past and collected experiences in the pharma industry during the past 12 years. Most recently, he worked as managing partner for Ascopharm GmbH where he was responsible for the installation of an online shop among other things.

Stefan Sommer, who joined Frontlineshop as CEO in April 2013, highlighted to leave the company on good terms. “In the past years I have been part of a great team leading one of Germany’s biggest streetfashion online shops. Both have been great experiences for me.”