New Balance, specialized US running sneaker brand founded over 110 years ago, wants to focus on a wider range of sports, more market segments and its expansion in Europe.

With these aims in mind the company is focusing on a series of new strategies for the upcoming seasons, especially in Italy and Europe, as explained by Fabrizio Bernabei, sales and marketing manager Italy, New Balance, during the last edition of Pitti Uomo.

On 18 June 2015, they entered the soccer market by launching a capsule collection of sneakers and technical soccer t-shirts. Along with the launch they also started sponsoring international soccer teams such as Seville, Porto, Liverpool, Celtic and Glasgow.

Also part of their strategy is to expand their offer for the women’s market. For this and for the first time from s/s 2016, they will start offering a new series of sneaker models purposely designed and made for women and not simply – as in the past – adapted from the men’s main collection. This first new product selection will include about thirty new models for women only.

Going back to initiatives tied to their core business activities, they are also focusing on sponsoring running events. In 2014 they signed an agreement becoming the major sponsor for the Rome Marathon for a period of five years.

They also aim at expanding significantly in Italy. For this, after opening monobrand stores in Bologna, Orio Center and Rome, they plan to open about 15 new stores by the end of 2019.