The Net-a-Porter group has announced the launch of a shopping-app called ‘the net set’.

Appearance of the 'the net set'-app on the iPhone
Appearance of the 'the net set'-app on the iPhone
In addition to the opportunity to shop the whole range of on the app, the consumer has the chance to exchange information with other users. Developed by the company´s internal technology team, the app is a platform, where consumers can swap views about fashion during their shopping experience.

The interactions contain options like ‘following’ and ‘commenting’ on products, the uploading and sharing of style pictures as well as the communication between designers and brands.

Moreover, app features, like ‘Brand Hubs’, including the direct contact from retailer to consumer, and ‘The Style Council’ including personal invitations to special groups, can be expected.

Natalie Massenet, founder and executive chairman of the Net-a-Porter group: “The digital progress is unstoppable, also for us, that´s why we are looking forward to present the first shopping app worldwide, which offers fashion-conscious and tech-thrilled women from all over the world a forum to exchange experiences and shop with all mobile devices. The increasingly large role of social media and style-blogs shows us, that women want to inspire each other. What was for the desktop world in 2000, is for the mobile world today ‘the net set’.”

The app will be available for iPhone, iPad and the apple watch from May 13th.