The second edition of Liberty New York will run from Tuesday to Thursday (January 21-23) and feature 165 exhibitors from the broad “men’s contemporary” fashion sector, which includes denim, designer, modern heritage, surf/skate and street.

The show will have a new home this season, 545 and 548 West 22nd Street in Chelsea, and be slightly smaller than the July 2013 edition due to the change of real estate. (Founder Sam Ben-Avraham says that finding space in New York this season was especially challenging because the NFL had pre-booked much of it in preparation for the upcoming New York-based Super Bowl football championship).

Liberty’s exhibitors will range from well-known names such as Alpha Industries, Ben Sherman, Canada Goose, GShock, New Balance, Schott, Pendleton and Third & Army to show newcomers that include Chapter, Danner, Blood Brother and Mother Freedom, among others.

Ben-Avraham says the collections on display will reflect current fashion trends. “Obviously designer street is a big trend right now across the board in different variations,” he says. “And that also is kind of influenced by Givenchy and leather and all the prints. Leather is a huge thing and it’s going to continue to be big.  I see animal prints still coming in but in more sophisticated ways. Then there is the whole ninja look/Rick Owens type of thing, which also goes back to the street. That is another big trend that is taking shape. Then you have the whole hipster movement, which is also still happening with heritage brands. I think those are the key movements and you can see them in many different levels.”
Liberty will be open from 9am to 6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday and from 9am to 2pm on Thursday.