Nudie’s fall/winter injection ‘Black on Blue’ has hit the stores. Knits and jerseys are made with double die or spray on top of indigo dying. Black together with a very strong blue. The shirts follow the same principle, with great qualities and details. They have been stone-washed and slightly scraped to bring out the blue in great contrasts. When it comes to jeans, the collection offers seven different fits and five new washes. The denims are very dark blue, almost black. The contrasts of the scrapings and abrasions give a feeling of depth. It’s all about different surfaces, from rough heavy twill to smooth satin. All accessories like the weekend bag or a stylish toiletry are made in a black-coated denim or leather. Jeans retail at €130, T-shirts range between €39 and €100, and jackets are available for €120.