The young women’s Icelandic sports-street brand Nikita will open its first flagship store in Reykjavik on Aug. 22.

Occupying a four-story house with a back garden in the heart of the city, the brand is dedicating two floors to retail, where shoppers can find Nikita streetwear, the directional extension line Nikita Selekzion and, come winter, the best snow outerwear available.

To compliment the collections, the brand will also stock select labels and brands.

“It feels like we‘re closing the full circle,” enthused the brand’s co-founders Runar Omarsson and Heida Birgisdottir. “Nikita was founded 10 years ago in our own store just a few blocks away from where we are opening the first flagship store now 10 years later. We could have done it earlier, but we have just been too busy. Everybody at Nikita is super excited about the launch, but nobody more than us.”

The co-founders add that the third floor will be an extra workspace for designing the brand, while the final floor will be for personal use, including accommodation for team riders and friends. Laugavegur 56, Reykjavik 101.