What editors and fashion people love most about the runways, many buyers don’t dare to order for their stores, as the more individual avant-garde pieces of the collections presented might not serve mainstream taste and aren’t considered wearable or commercial enough.

Couture Society, a newly founded online start-up from Berlin, now helps out and offers the chance to find exclusive international design pieces independent of traditional retailers on the web. “We want to free fashion addicts from the retailers’ style code,” Alexander Schimkat, founder of Couture Society, says.

As ‘crowd-sourcing’ hits the fashion world, users of Couture Society can go online and queue up for their favorite must-haves. As soon as there is a minimum order quantity, the designer starts to produce exclusively for the platform’s customers.

So far, the company works exclusively with well-established brands that have been around for several seasons, to guarantee dependable order and significant styles. ”We do a seasonal selection on relevant national markets to offer a most interesting portfolio to an international high fashion and new couture audience. Our focus right now is on European labels,” Alexander Schimkat reports. “The assortment is put together in close cooperation with the platform called “Society Board“, including selected opinion leaders in the field of fashion, such as editors, bloggers or celebrities,” he adds.

At the moment, the website offers a very selective range of designers from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, New York or Berlin, such as Ivana Helsinki, Dawid Tomaszweski, Minna Parikka, Camilla Norrback, Escada, Tillmann Lauterbach, Best Behavior, Wackerhaus, or Mongrels in Common. By the end of the year, Couture Society aims to offer about 50 labels with expansion potential.

The launch of Couture Society is expected to follow shortly.