Denmark’s Blend is on a roll. The brand, which was founded in 1993, exports to 55 markets worldwide and has had a new CEO Per Gasseholm since February. Since then, the company’s organization has been revamped, with newly created in-house positions and logistical initiatives. Blend’s five-year plan now includes exporting to the American market and doubling its current turnover.

Gasseholm is no less responsible for the new synergy between the men’s and women’s collections. Both are now positioned as one single, coherent entity. “We’ll still design clothes for both men and women, but the collections will be based a lot more on what you might call a common brand DNA,” he says.

Another significant change to the business is the way in which collections are built up. Shops should soon be able to receive a selection of basic products delivered within 24 hours and stock innovative styles on shelves every month, all year-round. The new structure to the collections meanwhile comprises three main groups: basics, fashion basics and fashion. Each group includes a complete assortment of denim, tops, accessories and footwear.

“The key to success isn’t simply to design clothes that appeal to consumers. That’s always required,” says Gasseholm, adding, “The point where you begin to win the hearts and loyalty of consumers is the point when you succeed in defining a strong and unequivocal brand soul. When you become a natural part of the consumers’ identity and they consider you a friend—someone they can trust—you must never forget that our customers (shops) have the same expectations and that you need a strong, focused retail business model to ensure you can service the business and that retailers can trust you to do just that.”