Messe München GmbH is launching a new trade show for the spring/summer 2009 season. The Red Flag will offer fashion brands a new platform related to design, art, sport and music divided into four segments: Elite, Streetstyle, Designlab and Trendlab. Elite will focus on premium sports style; Streetstyle, urban fashion and art; Trendlab, global trends; and Designlab, top international designers and their unique creations and exclusive collaborations.

The new trade show is the response to the needs of the retailers, explains Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München. Subsequently, brands will be showcasing special and limited editions and cross-branded products instead of full collections.

Although the location and dates of the trade show have not been confirmed, Messe München could choose a unique, urban setting beyond the larger fair grounds commonly used by Ispo.

As a sneak peek, organizers have launched The Red Flag pop-up store at the department store Ludwig Beck in Munich. From August 1 to the end of September, the 350-sq.-meter pop-up store will showcase the four segments, with brands such as Converse, Nike, Replay, Firetrap and Levi’s. There are also plans for a vernissage, presentation of eco-friendly products and a preview of next summer styles during Oktoberfest.