Greensboro, NC-based Unifi, Inc. has expanded its Repreve product range with the introduction of Repreve nylon 6,6. Repreve nylon, like Repreve polyester, is a top-quality yarn made from 100% recycled materials.

The company, which is best known as a producer and processor of multifilament poly and nylon-textured, performance yarns, recently partnered with Burlington Worldwide, a division of International Textile Group, Inc. (ITG), and United Knitting to develop new woven and knit fabrics using Repreve nylon.

ITG has already planned to feature Repreve nylon under its GENERATIONS Collection, which targets technical sportswear. United Knitting will introduce Repreve nylon in a series of eco-friendly knit fabrics for activewear.

“Our partnership with Unifi will allow ITG to offer eco-friendly, high-performance fabrics that exceed our customers’ performance expectations," says Dale Arnold, executive vice president at ITG. “Unifi is the leader in synthetic yarn development in the U.S. and our partnership will allow us to transfer products and technology globally.”

Repreve offsets the need to produce virgin polyester and nylon, conserving petroleum–based resources. The current annual production of Repreve is estimated to conserve the equivalent of 6 million gallons of gasoline.