The founders of the celebrity and charity portal Kaiorize have announced their stake in the Berlin-based start-up Celapp, which they run together with advertising agency Loom. The mobile application unites location based services, celebrity spotting and couponing. The company relies on the positive image transfer from popular celebrities to brands and their cruising range, thus compensating for the less flattering image of many couponing services that lack sustainable concepts and emotional charge.
Celapp involves celebrities who trigger so-called VIP deals by entering specific locations and spreading their log-ins via their Facebook fan pages. Fans then benefit from relevant offers. ”According to a study by US People magazine, 40% of interviewees said that if a celebrity wears something it’s likely the recommendation of a good friend. This demonstrates the relevance of celebrities in terms of customer’s buying behaviour. Celapp’s advantage is that the positive image of the celebrity transfers to a brand or a store and news of the check-in is spread virally. Companies benefit threefold: Image transfer, reach and increase in revenue through VIP deals,” said Ramin Niroumand, Founder of Celapp.
With Celapp, stars can give their fans attention while enabling the offering of goodies, discounts or even celebrity meetings. In May 2012, Celapp will be launched in a beta version for iPhones and Android phones. Celebrities already confirmed include Janina Uhse, Monica Ivancan, Peyman Amin, Marie Nasemann, Charlotte Egelhardt, Mariella Ahrens, Isabell Horn and Ross Anthony among others. The app will be free and include three celebrities to choose from. Users will pay €0,79 per each additional celebrity they follow.