Fashion Box Spa, the company of Replay, Replay & Sons and We Are Replay brands, has a new majority owner.

Equibox Holding SpA, which is 70% owned by Matteo and Massimo Sinigaglia and 30% owned by Wolfgang Friedrichs, will control 60% of Fashion Box SpA, while the remaining 40% will remain under the ownership of Fashion Box Group SpA, currently wholly owned by the Buziol family.

Under the terms of the agreement, the headquarters and operating activities of Fashion Box SpA will remain in Asolo, near Venice, in Italy.

The Sinigaglia brothers are currently partners of Fashion Box in the footwear segment, while Wolfgang Friedrichs is a partner of Fashion Box for its German business.

Said Paola Dametto Buziol, President of Fashion Box Group: “We are especially satisfied to find in Equibox Holding SpA the right partner suited to guarantee the solid development of the Replay brand. Of the various companies that have shown strong interest in merging with Fashion Box, we chose a company whose entrepreneurs are already fundamental partners for Fashion Box’s activities. Such a solution in a delicate moment as the present one guarantees better business continuity and the possibility of maintaining the company’s ties to the very environment that permitted this company, since its inception, to develop and promote its ‘Made in Italy’ strengths worldwide.”

Matteo Sinigaglia, future CEO Fashion Box SpA, added: “We are truly satisfied with this agreement with Fashion Box Group SpA for the development of a historical denim brand such as Replay. Merging together experience and the know-how of our companies, with the fundamental help and experience of Wolfgang Friedrichs, will guarantee a significant evolution—national and international—of the company and capitalize on the entire history and tradition of the brand founded by Claudio Buziol over 25 years ago.”

—Maria Cristina Pavarini