District (amsterdamdistrict.com), new fashion trade show featuring more than 100 "new luxury" and directional international men’s and women’s brands, will be held in Amsterdam July 30 through August 1.

The new fair, which is slated to be held twice a year, is being called the world’s first "trade show co-op" because its European producers are teaming up with the management of Project (projectshow.com), the New York-based menswear show, to create the event.

According to a statement, "The two fairs have come together, combining the entrepreneurial spirit of ‘Old Amsterdam’ and ‘New Amsterdam’ (the original name of New York)."

Like its American counterpart Project, District will offer top-quality service to its exhibitors and attendees and strive to be a "focused, new luxury event for the next generation of brands."

District is currently seeking exhibitors. The show will be considered part of Amsterdam International Fashion Week.