Düsseldorf-based trade show duo GDS, International Event for Shoes & Accessories, and Global Shoes, trade show for sourcing, will kick off the coming season with a new look. Under the slogan “Inspiration to Go”, the complete advertisement of GDS has been re-designed and visualised. According to GDS, the slogan unifies two essential factors of the shoe fair: The trade fair is a central meeting point for decision makers from all over the world and offers new input and serves as a kind of trendsetter. At the same time, the inspirations presented are quickly and easily accessible for everybody – during the tradeshows and after, and inspiration also plays a key role when it comes to visual realization.

The new series of motifs features individual, imaginatively designed shoe creations made of ice cream, paper, play dough and feathers. Various artists were inspired by these unusual materials to create a completely new type of footwear especially for this campaign. The basic color for all aesthetically created motifs is white combined with classic black and grey shades. Global shoes has also been given a new look with the matching new slogan “shoe fashion all along the line.”

The new looks and slogans will be implemented in all communication forms, for example posters, brochures and banners. Also the websites of GDS and Global Shows will show the new design.

The next edition of the two tradeshows will take place from March 14-16, 2012.