Upfront, a new trade show featuring cool global streetwear brands, will make its debut the London Barbican this summer.

The show, which will run July 3-4, has been set in motion by Elgin Events, which is headed by industry veterans Brian Wiseman, John Rowley and Kevin Burns. Elgin will produce the event in partnership with the well-known hipster/streetwear magazine Vice and maverick pr house Spin Publicity.

Brands that have already signed on include Adidas, Firetrap, G Star, Quiksilver, Gas and Etienne Ozeki, and British retailers who have expressed their support for the event include House of Fraser, Brother to Brother and Republic.

"We are totally behind the concept of a directional event that will bring together both the retailer and the core brands back to London. We travel far and wide to see brands – it’s about time that the UK had a platform that will provide this," said Gavin Clerk, co-founder of Brother to Brother, in the press release announcing the show.

Interested exhibitors and buyers are requested to contact Spin Publicity by phone (+44 (0) 20 7434 9394) or fax (+44 (0) 20 7434 9395) to get more information about Upfront.