Premiere Vision, the international textile Paris fair, will be transformed for its next instalment, taking place Feb. 9-12, 2010. The fair is set to resemble a white city made from white, translucent DuPont Corian geometric blocks. Designer Eric Jourdan and set designer Francesca Avossa have redesigned the show entirely and selected the material, which is being used for the first time for a trade show. The idea of white came from its timeless, neutral appeal and its ability to be juxtaposed with other colors.

Premiere Vision will continue, as in the past season, to present Pluriel Expert Trails. Designed as buying guides through the six Premiere Vision Pluriel shows, the trails will help buyers to better organize their collections, source and discover new suppliers.

For the February edition two themes will guide visitors: Eco Colors and Extreme Sports. The Eco Color trail will single out companies that offer products dyed using non-polluting colorants, natural vegetable dyes and undyed materials, while the Extreme Sports trail will present high-tech and functional materials aimed at active apparel manufacturers offering high-performance and comfort-driven apparel. Several properties expected to spotlighted by those exhibitors include temperature regulation, breathability and water resistance.

—Maria Cristina Pavarini