Dapper clothing line Tiger of Sweden (tigerofsweden.com) has announced a new design-team of expert tailors and jeans connoisseurs. Heading up Tiger Man are Maria Östblom and Erika Eklund, Tiger Woman: Maria Östblom and Erika Eklund, with Johan Schalin and Sofia Jönsson taking on Tiger Jeans. The first collection from the new design team will be the autumn/winter 2008 collection, to be shown in January 2008.

“The recruiting goal for the new team has been to avoid a hierarchy in the design process and focus instead on high competence and creativity in all portions”, says Roger Tjernberg, CEO for Tiger of Sweden. ”Our new design team seems to be very strong; the group consists of different special competences which together will build the future of Tiger. We feel strengthened by these recruitments and ready to take on new challenges where a strong expansion on the export side is at the top of the agenda.”

Since 1993, Tiger of Sweden has gone from net revenue of about 15 million SEK to in excess of 500 million SEK for the accounting year 2006–2007. The label has had an annual growth of more than 25 percent during this period. It is sold and marketed in eighteen countries. Tiger of Sweden has been a part of the IC Companys Group since 2003.