Finally, someone has the heart to launch a new denim trade show. And it’s no
surprise that the exciting news comes from Scandinavia. Exhibition
Professionals, mostly known for the inspiring trends show CPH Vision, announced today the launch of Terminal 2, a brand new denim-focused trade show in the heart of Copenhagen.

The location of Terminal 2 is a former maintenance building for locomotives of the Danish Railway and has stood empty for the past several years. It
has high ceilings, and the rugged essence and industrial style is unique.
Although the shows are in walking distance of each other, shuttle buses between CPH Vision at its traditional location Oksnehallen and Terminal 2 will be provided for visitors. Terminal 2 also has parking areas for exhibitors and visitors.

After 11 years in the market CPH Vision is taking a new approach, by
strengthening its profile with the aim of improving the profile and
segmentation of the two major directions in which the trade show is moving
and to give each its own expression and universe. Two fairs with
entirely different approaches will be presented under the umbrella of CPH
Vision: Terminal 1 at Oksnehallen with designer labels and Terminal 2 in
the new former railway building with denim and urban brands.

Terminal 2 will span an impressive 9,000-sq.-meter space and offer 200 streetwear and denim brands. Terminal 1 at the historic Oksnehallen instead will provide an intimate and exclusive 5,000-sq.-meter platform for 170 established and upcoming designer brands. This means CPH Vision can accommodate more exhibitors. To date, almost 300 applicants have been wait-listed for the show.

The next date for CPH Vision’s Terminal 1+2 is February 5-8, 2009.