Adidas ( is aiming to please American males 30 and older with its new line of training and casual gear, Equipment.

Recently launched in New York at a special event at Yankee Stadium, the new performance-oriented footwear, apparel and accessory collection is designed for post-teen guys who want classic, lean and non-trendy styles in their workout gear.

The collection will debut at US sporting goods, department and Adidas Sport Performance stores in February 2005. Stressing comfort and performance, Equipment is a somewhat simple line that is not geared to one sport in particular. Rather, fitness-conscious guys can perform numerous athletic activities in the collection’s tees, polos, gym pants and shorts, sweatshirts, rugbys, caps, socks and 11 different sneaker styles.

Somewhat basic in its fashion approach, the line uses a color palette of just five hues: black, white, light gray, dark gray and green. Comfortable fabrics such as Lycra and cotton are used to make Equipment merchandise.

The line’s wholesale price points will be $18 for tees, $40 for sweatshirts and $41-$52 for shoes. The annual core range will be will be supplemented by quarterly additions, Adidas said.

Eric Liedtke, director of consumer marketing for Adidas America, said that most active apparel companies have, until now, ignored professional male consumers who are 25+ but that electronic and car businesses have found great success marketing to them. "This consumer represents more than a third of all US consumers," he said.

The Equipment line is part of Adidas’ Sport Performance division.