Naoki Takizawa Design Inc. which was established under the Issey Miyake Inc. umbrella in July 2006, has announced its independence from the Issey Miyake Group and its deal with new business partner Mr. Genichi Tamatsuka, Head of Revamp Corporation (

Going forward, Naoki Takizawa Design Inc. will maintain both its headquarters and production activities in Japan and its seasonal show schedule during New York Fashion week. European and North American press offices will also be maintained in Milan and New York City, respectively.

"I strongly believe my partnership with Mr. Tamatsuka will bring a different perspective and that the unique combination of our talents will break new ground for the Naoki Takizawa brand. I am excited to step into this challenge, to try something new that I have never done before," stated Naoki Takizawa.

"I am excited to join Mr. Takizawa's global venture. His talent is outstanding and remarkable. This is a challenge and an opportunity to approach new business development in a way that breaks with the basic assumptions of today's fashion industry," said Genichi Tamatsuka.

In 2005, Genichi (Gen) established Revamp Corporation, a Tokyo-based management services firm, specialized in providing management leadership to companies in retail, consumer products, and high tech industries. Prior to Revamp, Gen served as President and COO of Fast-Retailing Co. Ltd. from 2002 to 2005.