Famous German rapper Sido is hitting the stores with a new album “30-11-80” and also with his first ever apparel collection “Mama ist stolz” (“Mama is proud”). We asked the artist about the label and his personal shopping behaviour. Interview by Sabine Kühnl

What distinguishes your collection from other labels created by rappers?
What makes one cat different from another? Just subtle things, of course... 
A t-shirt is still a t-shirt... But I think the quality is at the upper end, and I think it’s good that we don't come across being too chichi ... it’s got to be casual!

Who’s supposed to identify with your label – only your fans, or the mass market too?
I want to make clear right from the start that this is not about merchandising some product. No – these are clothes that match the taste of all those who don't really want to attract attention with what they wear... I like to keep things simple.

How involved are you in creating the designs?
Very... Of course I don't fly out to the production sites and monitor everything, but I have a big say in the development!

Sustainable production and adhering to social standards – are those topics that play a role with your label? If so, how are you doing that?
What do you mean by that? Do you mean that there’s no child labour in the factories or people who are being exploited? That is certainly not the case... We manufacture at such a high level of quality that we spend more money on production than KiK or shit like that!!!

Cro joined up with H&M – what can we expect from you in that direction?

Where do you see Mama is proud in ten years?
I don’t know about that… we will see. My hope is that it’ll be a completely normal brand that everybody knows, but one that people don’t immediately associate with Sido…

Can you name some trends that make you want to call the style police?
Hipster! I don’t understand those pants or the v-cuts down to your belt buckle... Strange style!!!

Of your music colleagues, who impresses you with their look and why?
Only the ones who don’t exaggerate... Because they don’t exaggerate...

Besides your own label – what brand or designer clothing do you like wear the most?
It doesn’t really matter to me...

Online or offline, how do you buy your clothes, and where?
When we’re at home in Germany my wife does that for us online... But outside the country, like in L.A., I go shopping almost every day – at least to have a look and see what’s out there!!!

About “Mama ist stolz“
For the launch: 14 styles to be in stores for winter ‘13 with t-shirts, crew-neck sweats, pop-over hoodies and zip-through hoodies. For spring 2014: outerwear, caps and beanies are added; for fall 2014: knitwear will be offered. The line will be expanded to four collections per year. Retail prices for the Holiday collection range between 29,95 Euro (tees) and 89,95 Euro (zip-through hoodies).

The collection will be distributed via Dirty Jerz (dirty-jerz.net) in Munich to retailers such as MZEE, Def-Shop and Zalando, but apart from that mainly to core stores.