For its next September 2015 edition, Munich Fabric Start will launch a new section dedicated to innovative, inspiring and high-research-content fabric collections.

The new pavilion will be located in Kesselhaus, the area that usually hosts the show’s get-together party. It will measure about 2,000 sq. meters and is expected to host about 20-25 exhibitors and special projects. “We like to think that this area – for which we haven’t found a name yet - will host special pop-up and highly inspiring projects only that won’t necessarily return every season,” explained Sebastian Klinder, organizer, Munich Fabric Start, the specialized fabric fair held in Munich twice a year in February and September, as well as organizer of View, another fabric fair also taking place at the same location in February and December.

“We chose to physically place this new area between the MOC Zentrum, where our main show takes place, and the Zenith Halle, that hosts sportswear and denim fabric manufacturers, because the new projects and collections it will present want to be a synthesis between these two worlds and also because so much inspiration is drawn from the sportswear-minded markets during the last seasons,” he continues.

The new area is expected not only to host denim fabrics, but also jersey, leather and other innovative sportswear materials. Like the Bluezone, also this section of the show will take place on the first two days of the event, 1 and 2 September 2015 for the next edition, since MFS will close its doors one day later, on 3 September 2015. “We have no specific expectations in terms of increase of our visitors. We rather bet on increasing furthermore our visibility, internationality, reputation and stronger awareness of presenting the hottest ideas in the fabric and textile markets.”