At the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin Dutch fashion label Mud Jeans presented and started its new cycle-concept to make sustainable fashion affordable.

The concept is as follows: The customer signs a contract and leases a pair of jeans for a singular deposit of €20, afterwards paying €5 a month for one year. After this leasing period there are three options. Either the customer send the jeans back or he chooses a new model paying €7.50 in shipping costs and again €5 per month for a year. As a last resort he pays again the deposit for 4 months and wears the jeans as long as he wants. If the customer decides to give the jeans back after a few years he gets the deposit of €20 back.

The jeans the whole time remain the property of Mud Jeans and the innovative concept offers advantages such as monthly affordable paying for sustainable jeans and free repair service. The concept also reflects the growing trend to use rather than own individual products.