Swedish fashion brand Monki have announced the opening of a new store in Berlin Münzstraße on 12th April.

The store will be spread across two levels and over a total space of 300 square metres. The store will feature a unique version of the current "Sea of Scallops" concept that is inspired by an underwater world, which includes sunken carousels, tangled shipwreck rigging, sea monsters, jellyfish and seaweed. "We always make the concept fit the space” says Monki Head Architect Catharina Frankander. In Berlin the visual merchandiser chose to modify the concept a little bit and created new furniture as well as a new colourway for the store.

In contrast to most of the Monki branches, the Berlin store will be black and white, with strong yellow accents. Special designed pieces of furniture like scalloped tables characterize the store design.