Phil Wildbore, owner and designer of organic jeans label Monkee Genes, has set up a new entity in the form of a trading charity called ‘Stop taking the P’ (P for Pennies), through which the brand will be produced and distributed. The property rights for Monkee Genes will remain with the original holding company Road Jeans Ltd., thus Stop taking the P will be paying the holding company a small token license fee for the property rights. The new-established trading charity has 3 trustees: Diana Fox-Carney, wife of Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, Helen Bowridge, ex-buying director at Boots Plc, and a third person who hasn’t been announced yet due to contractual negotiations. This movement aims to promote good working practices in the production factories –mostly located in developing countries with lower working standards- and also towards the environment.

Benefits from Stop taking the P will be invested in programs promoting an awareness campaign working with schools, colleges and universities in the western world. In addition, Monkee Genes will pay fifty cents for every produced single pair of jeans to a charitable foundation in Bangladesh that supports the construction and organization of schools in the production region to secure children and factory workers an enduring education.

Parallel to this, Monkee Genes has unveiled a Twitter and Instagram campaign called #mugshot. One of the first participants has been Livia Firth, person behind the Green Carpet Challenge and Eco Age, which is a sustainability brand consultancy. During the campaign, brand ambassadors will be asked to take a selfie with ‘Stop taking the P’ branded mugs and upload them on social media with the hashtags #mugshot and #stoptakingtheP. The company will re-share the images through all own-operated social channels and on its website. Official launch date for Stop taking the Pennies is July 2015.