Moncler has recently met LAV, Italian league fighting against animal’s vivisection.

The Italian down jacket brand had been involved in a public “storm” after the recently broadcasted Italian TV program “Report” had presented the bad conditions and treatments of geese grown by Hungarian breeding companies supposed to be employed by Moncler.

The Italian down jacket specialist had officially answered that its suppliers adhere to principles adopted by EDFA (European Down and Feather Association) that is committed to respect animals. Plus Moncler has declared that despite they produce small quantities of products in Italy, the rest of laboratories they employ are based in Europe though following standards that guarantee high volumes and know-how in-keeping with Moncler’s high-quality standards.

The program had also estimated that producing a Moncler jacket costs an average of 30€ while some models are sold at over €1,000. Moncler had also replied to this statement, pointing out that the company applies a 2.5 mark-up to retailers – a standard in the luxury market – in order to cover indirect costs for distribution and management. Plus retailers add their own mark-up referred to that single market. So the program had considered only a part of the real costs required for producing the jackets since other cost factors and intermediate passages also occur.

During the recent meeting between managers of Moncler and LAV, the Italian down jacket specialist has not excluded the possibility to introduce changes to its production steps - also considering the employ of alternative filling material. According to LAV managers, Moncler assured their intention to further analyze how their down filling is obtained even if they didn’t subscribe any actual commitment.