E.volution™ by Miroglio Textile is a new business and design service platform able to offer the market a 100% made in Italy range of print solution choices. Moreover, Filature Miroglio offers a selection of eco-friendly materials.

Thanks to careful studies, Miroglio Textile has developed a new printing technique that combines vibrant colour intensity, high print definition, a balanced use of colour for greater clarity and visibility, beauty and speed, with innovative smart technologies that are also kind to the environment. The new technically advanced printing options can be applied onto a wider portfolio of fashion fabric styles, such as polyesters, cotton, viscose, stretch, Tencel® and many other blends, always ensuring great print performances that can be tailored to market needs.

E.volution™ has developed Twin Fabs, a brand new line of textiles that can replace a garments lining during its construction. Thanks to a unique technology owned by Miroglio Textiles, fabric printed with this special technique can be used on both faces and requires no lining. The E.volution™ by Miroglio textile system can be used in outerwear with velvet, denim, jacquard, wool blends, double knits and yarn-dyed fabrics, among others.

Moreover, Filature Miroglio, part of Miroglio Textile, has developed a range of yarns made of a blend of 80% Tencel® and 20% Ecolabel® certified regenerated noble fibres such as wool, alpaca and cashmere. In a second phase these yarns have been woven and printed with the E.volution ™ system by Miroglio Textile

This great combination of unique ingredients, together with the cooperation and skills of Lenzing, coordinated and implemented by Miroglio Textile in terms of yarn, fabric and printing innovation, has made this range unique in terms of look, touch and functionality from both technical and sustainable perspectives.

E.volution™ by Miroglio Textile provides the ultimate offer in terms of ingredients, thanks to its commitment to research and best practice approach to partnerships. Among them there is Sensient, a multinational ink producer with its Elvajet® Alpha ink range, which represents a unique method of digital printing directly onto polyester fabric, based on breakthrough, innovative waterbased inks.

E.volution™ by Miroglio Textile is about “Smart technology “: ICEA (Institute for ethical and environment certification) has conducted LCA studies on the E.volution technology portfolio on polyester fabrics, and they all demonstrate each have valuable sustainable credentials. This means water consumption is reduced from a minimum of 47% to 90% per linear metre of fabric printed, a reduction of CO2 emissions up to 25% and energy savings of up to 37% per linear metre of fabric printed.