Milan’s Triennale has recently inaugurated its exhibition “Workwear”, curated by Alessandro Guerriero. It will be presented from June 25 to August 31, 2014.

The initiative presents forty work clothes, designed by artists from all over the world. Among them are clothes by Alberto Aspesi, Gentucca Bini, Denise Bonapace, Elio Fiorucci, Antonio Marras, Alessandro Mendini, Angela Missoni, Issey Miyake and Vivienne Westwood.

The forty designers, together with the Association Tam – Tam, directed by Guerriero himself, have picked up the gauntlet thrown down by Arkadia Onlus in order to foster the work access for disabled young people.

“The procedure is the usual one in dressmaking: we teach the young people enrolled in the free workshop offered by Tam – Tam how to turn a sketch into a paper pattern. We then send these patterns to Arkadia Onlus, where a group of disabled people turns them into proper clothes. Just Workwear. Girls and boys in Arkadia take measurements, cut, sew, and iron. They are doing that just now,” Alessandra Zucchi (coordinating the actual production of the clothes) and Alessandro Guerriero say. During the past months, they have outlined the project, kept business relations going and coordinated the making of a collection of 40 pieces, which is now exhibited at Milan’s Triennale on this occasion.

According to the project’s curators, clothing is the shield of everyone’s physical, social, moral and cultural condition: “It becomes our hope, more or less grounded, in ourselves and at the same time measure, image and value of our way of living our interpersonal relations: our clothing becomes our project.”