From 1 May to 31 October 2015, Milan will host “Expo in Città”, a wide series of cultural and recreational events taking place in Greater Milan during Expo 2015.
Visitors and citizens will be able to choose from a program of about 17,000 events, with almost 100 initiatives per day.

Part of the wide program will be open air concerts, fashion shows and events, design events, art exhibitions, live show cooking, sports happenings, theatre shows and activities for kids. Different theme programs will be part of the huge six-month-long program of events.

About 20 events will specifically be related to the Creativity & Style group of events. In addition to Milan’s women's and men's fashion weeks, another major part will be the “Italian Hand Makers Village”, a series of events aimed at presenting the worldwide recognized Italian top-notch craftsmanship, taking place from 30 April to 2 November in Via Tortona.
All activities will take place under directions of Expo 2015, Padiglione Italia and all other countries participating directly or indirectly in the Universal Exposition.