Italian denim brand Meltin'Pot will launch Meltin'Pot Denim Kitchen, a special uniform devised to dress some privileged international chefs - both starred ones and wanna-bees.

Internationally recognised chef and manager Antonella Ricci, with her husband Vinod Sookar (of the appreciated restaurant Fornello da Ricci of Ceglie Messapica, in the Apulia region), has recently established her own cooking school based upon an authentic Mediterranean cooking philosophy.

The newborn international cooking academy is aimed at professional chefs and graduates. The expert chef will divulge her culinary secrets, as well as her much appreciated recipes. The school is also aimed at promoting Mediterranean cuisine and the typical Apulian local products originating from the surroundings.

“Antonella Ricci is a fan of Meltin'Pot and wears our jeans when she works," commented Marta Carichino, Marketing Manager, Meltin'Pot. “Therefore she contacted us and asked to design a uniform for her international school's 'alumni'.” Approximately 50 international chefs will attend the 200 hour long course, which begins May 2013. The students will wear basic premium, though functional and comfortable, Meltin'Pot jean models (MP001 for men and MPW003 for women), a branded T-shirt, and a special edition denim apron that is completed by a series of practical pockets. Buon appetito! Enjoy!