The Brazilian plastic footwear brand Melissa and the appreciated fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld have started collaborating.

The new exclusive collection will debut from f/w 2013/2014 and will offer four different models: Melissa Glam + Karl Lagerfeld, a ballerina shoe with transparent sphere applied on the shoe's toe offered in metallic hues, black and white; Melissa Incense + Karl Lagerfeld, a shoe with glitter application and an ice-cream decored heel; a new ballerina model with double belt-closures in sober hues; and Melissa Ginga, a model decored with the Brazilian flag hues.

“I had never worked with plastic like his before," commented the designer. "It is a manufacturicing technique which is different from more traditional ones emploied for the brands Fendi, Chanel and Lagerfeld I'm used to work for. This collection takes its inspiration from the country of origin of this brand that celebrates the Brazilian 'joie de vivre'."