The music industry has already seen how talented teenagers became worldwide successful stars –see Justin Bieber’s meteoric rise since his beginnings in 2007. On the contrary, if we look at the fashion business, not that many people start running a label at such a young age. The Olsen twins were one exception, but another pair of twins has broken all records: Betts and Chet DeHart from Atlanta (US) started their own label Lucid Footwear & Clothing (from now on just Lucid FC) when they were 13 years old (November 2010) by producing their own silkscreen printed t-shirts. Before that, the DeHart twins already gained attention by the sneaker comments they released in the homemade videos on their Youtube channel 'TheSoleBrothers'.

Betts and Chet Dehart (photo by Jaramey Aref)
Betts and Chet Dehart (photo by Jaramey Aref)

Lucid FC stands for minimalist tops and accessories with the brands’ logo printed generously onto it, as learned from several other streetwear staples out there like Supreme. Besides the more basic styles, the label also demonstrates a taste for preppy garments like striped blazers at a second glaze, which are wisely integrated into outfits without losing the street-flair. The creation of styles for men and women together with a suggestive visual identity and a good knowledge of what other kids around their age like nowadays make Betts and Chet’s offering highly attractive. Lucid FC's list of hip stockists already includes names such as VFiles, Good Company New York or Standard ATL in the boys' home town. The perks of a restless creative scene and also its closeness to the brand’s target made the DeHarts leave Atlanta and move to the Big Apple, where they currently run their business with seven employees. Betts does most of the business while Chet takes care of the design.

In our chat, the DeHart twins talk streetwear, explore if being a young brand manager damages your business credibility and explain the upcoming steps of Lucid FC. Interview by Lorenzo Molina

What excites you most about streetwear and what actually scares you a bit?
Betts and Chet Dehart (BCD): The most exciting thing in streetwear is by far the thrill of selling your logo on items! Streetwear is the way mostly all young creatives express themselves (to an extent), so if someone is wearing your logo, that is a compliment and statement! What scares us is the fast pace and opinion changing fashion culture we live in.

Do you believe that your young age is a drawback in order to be perceived as 'professional' brand managers? How was your experience so far?
BCD: It can go either way, but we like to look on the positive side! Surely plenty of people we meet with, especially people over 25 are very supportive and see us as all we want to/can be. It is a drawback among our peer, because they tend to not like us as much, for whatever reason. We ignore it, so we could not explain much more.

I read in an old interview that you "strive to create upper streetwear with a simple aesthetic." Isn't the fashion market overcrowded with brands with a similar design approach as yours?
BCD: YES! The streetwear scene at the moment is much much defiantly becoming overwhelmed street goth/high fashion wanna-be galore.

How does your label stand out of the crowd?
BCD: It is what sells, it is what people wear. It’s modern day streetwear.

What are the forthcoming plans for Lucid FC?
BCD: We are always just trying to strive high with goals, connections, products, events, and more! Our F/W 2016 collection is coming up very soon, and our S/S 16 collection is being shown in London, NYC, and Paris at the moment for buyers. Plenty of new womens items, and of course more mens and unisex products!

Have you recently added any new stockist to the list?
BCD: Yes, but we don’t have all of them confirmed. We can share a few names including Selfridges and A Number of Names in London, WildStyle in Los Angeles and there are 5 more! Having said that, we are open for any and all wholesalers that are interested.

Lucid FC SS '15 Collection
Lucid FC SS '15 Collection