Jeans brand McGuire has started a guerilla marketing campaign in cooperation with denim producer Isko. At fifty locations in downtown Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, the brands have distributed posters showing model Olivia Frischer, known for her recipe journal Olive and Pearls, in McGuire denim.The images are inspired by classic 60’s and 70’s film icons and will be displayed until September 24, 2014.

“McGuire explores the idea of denim’s functionality, adding an element of sophistication and sexiness with the use of super soft denim, a leg lengthening silhouette, and the finest wash treatments in the world, all the while hinting at denim’s vintage origins,” says Marianne McDonald, designer of McGuire Denim.

Many of the brand’s styles employ Isko’s Reform Stretch fabric which shall enhance the wearer’s shape while offering ultimate shape retention, making it a suitable choice for McGuire’s very female and tight-fitting shapes from skinny denims to high rise pencil skirts.