British actor Matthew Goode was hosted as a guest at the Diadora Heritage booth during the last edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, on 12 January, 2016.

Matthew Goode is known for his roles in both TV and movies. Most recently he played in The Good Wife and Downton Abbey, and was also part of the cast of last year’s Academy Award winner The Imitation Game.

Diadora that since 2010 belongs to the Polegato family, run by Enrico Polegato, has chosen Goode for his sophisticated aura and European class, which is in line with the Diadora Heritage premium sneaker collection whose mission is its focus on understated luxury, authenticity and craftsmanship. Interview by Maria Cristina Pavarini

Did you know the brand Diadora?
I know this brand very well. Since I was five year old I loved to wear it. Me and my brother sent our parents crazy about our passion because we didn’t want to wear any other sneaker brand. When I learned that in past years the brand had faced some difficulties, it made me sad, but now it is back with many projects and ideas thanks to Enrico Polegato.

How do you like the present collection?
I like it, too. It is beautiful and modern. These new high-ankle models are modern though cool and make my legs look even longer! Also my kids love them and I have to be careful with that! Now it’s their turn making me crazy about how much they like Diadora.

What do you like to wear especially?
The older I get I always go back to what I used to like and appreciate aspects that I had not noticed before. Some products and brands are part of me and I also like my kids get to like them. For instance, Diadora are made in Italy shoes that, differently from many other sneaker brands, are not made of plastic, but with leather and top class products. Italian products and British ones share the same love for quality, great material and care in manufacturing. They are qualities that guide me when I choose products for my wardrobe.