Joint tradeshows Maroc in Mode and Maroc Sourcing welcomed 130 exhibitors to Casablanca’s Centre des Expositions et de Conférences de l’Office des Changes this month, taking place from October 10-12. 66 Moroccan companies presented their ready-made garments while pre-supplies such as fabrics, yarn and services were displayed by 64 exhibitors from Morocco, Turkey, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Brasil and China.

Companies such as Montepull, KDS, Elite, Med Sourcing, Cicotex, Mustang Workwear, Blue Fingers, Bonneterie de L’Atlas and Iboma presented their wares, specializing in everything from knitwear and outerwear to corporate fashion and denim as well as socks and underwear. 756 buyers were registered in attendance over the three days of the fairs, including general to top tier department store buyers as well as representatives from various brands like Barbour, Kookai, Morgan, Perry Ellis, Adolfo Dominguez and others. Most visitors came in hopes of finding new suppliers, due to China’s rising prices and inflexibility when it comes to order quantities and shipment times.

new denim styles at Maroc in Mode & Maroc Sourcing
new denim styles at Maroc in Mode & Maroc Sourcing

Toll-free deliveries, quick response times and a flexible industry have all made Morocco a key production and sourcing alternative for Europe. Despite the continent’s financial troubles, Morocco reported a 2.03 billion turnover in exports this September (as compared to 2011’s 2.02 billion) and expects to reach €2.78 by the end of the year.

The fairs go hand in hand with Morocco’s ongoing swift development within the fashion industry. Buyers were able to easily fix direct appointments and schedule exports to mainly Germany, France, Spain, the UK and the USA with t-shirt prices ranging from 5-9.90 with 80,000 items produced monthly.

The Moroccan Association of the Textile and Apparel Industry (AMITH), which aims to assist the Moroccan industry in every way, were responsible for organizing the tradeshows. Managing director Mohamed Tazi commented: “We have 1,400 fashion companies in Morocco, which create 39% of the country’s work force with a total of 175,000 employees. We have a vision for the Moroccan industry. We’ve conducted a study regarding the international situation and Morocco has good chances – we are set to increase our importance as Europe’s ‘service station in fashion.’”