Kering-owned boardspoards and lifestyle brand Volcom fuels its positioning amongst females with some celebrity-loaded marketing measures.  

Spring saw the appointment of topmodel Georgia May Jagger as Volcom’s first female brand ambassador in ten years. Jagger will star in the brand’s upcoming spring/summer ’17 campaign, for which she has been romping around the waves of the Kauaian coast with dolphins, fellow models and pro surfers. The collection also heralds an eco-centric collection featuring bikinis made of recycled fishing nets, shorts, dresses and denim overalls. 

Hinds for Volcom fall '16
Photo: Volcom
Hinds for Volcom fall '16
But also Volcom’s current fall campaign is filled with a powerful female cast, namely Spanish/Dutch indie rock band Hinds. Its energetic female members Carlotta Cosials, Ana García Perrote, Ade Martín and Amber Grimbergen shall represent the Volcom values of freedom, youth and staying true to oneself.

With these engagements, Lindsey Roach, head of Volcom Womens, wants to achieve greater attention to and strengthen the brand’s international women’s business on the long run. 

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