In today’s brand marketing it’s all about so-called influencers. German fashion e-commerce giant Zalando has been aware of that and not only uses influencer marketing for its own business but now also offers the service to external brands.

Collabary is the name of this unit which operates under the roof of Zalando Media Solutions and which aims to bring the right brands and influencers together to create marketing campaigns. is meant to be the platform to build this connection.

“Brands used to be overwhelmed by how to chose the right influencer, it was just like the Wild West out there for them. But in the meantime they got a better overview and realized how important influencer marketing is," explains Christian Müller, Director Strategy at Zalando Media Solutions.

Image extracted from the Collabary website
Photo: Collabary
Image extracted from the Collabary website

Not only is it Collabary’s goal to function as a matchmaking network: “It's also about managing the campaigns and of course it's about measuring the output,” Müller says. In that sense Müller doesn’t see Collabary as a competitor to existing blogger networks since its approach goes beyond.

At current the platform features about 500 influencers, on the brand side Collabary mentions Topshop, Lee or Nike as some of its partners. Fashion shall not remain the only segment though: “We plan to widen the range into others sectors such a beauty for example,” Müller adds.

Even though Collabary addresses directly to brands and influencers, it’s not closed up to other parties in the business that might still be a helpful assistance for brands not familiar with influencer marketing. Müller: “We also work together with agencies, we are really open to everybody.”