Marco Airoldi will be appointed new CEO of Benetton Group, as communicated by Edizione Srl, controlling 100% of Benetton Group Spa. The change in management will be announced on 8 May 2014, within the annual meeting to renew its board of directors and approving the group’s 2013 annual report.

Marco Airoldi, Senior Partner of Boston Consulting Group, has been collaborating with Edizione for the last 20 years, and has been working for the main companies of the group and for a project on refocusing and re-launching the Benetton Group activities, a project that has been approved by its board of directors November 2013.

Marco Airoldi had already worked for the group as general manager for Autogrill Spa between 1998 and 2000. At that time he supported the company in a phase of growth and internationalization.
Benetton Group has recently started a new industrial plan in order to relaunch the company both in commercial and revenue terms.

The plan will focus on a reorganization of Benetton Group from 2015, which will separate the manufacturing activities (weaving, knitwear, spinning, dyeing and garment making) and the real estate company.

At the end of the reorganization Edizioni will control 100% of Benetton Group directly (focused on its "core" components: brands, product, marketing, sales and retail), 100% of the company that will manage manufacturing activities (with industrial platforms in the Mediterranean area) and 100% of the real estate company.