The Marc O’Polo AG integrates the development, production and marketing of leather bags, soft luggages and small leather goods as independent product line in the Marc O’Polo Shoes GmbH.  The accessory-sector amends the product portfolio of Marc O’Polo in an optimal and most desirable way, and moreover is supposed to increase the business volume.
Thereby the license agreement with the Roberto Design International GmbH, established in 1997, has come to an end.

Andreas Baumgärtner, CEO licences, Design, Marketing and Production of the Marc O’Polo AG about the bygone cooperation with Roberto Design: “We were lucky to be able working together with the Roberto Design International GmbH very successfully in the past 15 years. This cooperation expedites the positive development of the bag-collection and its establishment largely. […] Accompanied with this change, it’s close to our heart to continue this heretofore successful and trustful partnership in commerce.”
This strategic important step results from a mutual agreement between both the firms. The successful cooperation is supposed to go on till 2014 in order to ensure a smooth handover of the bag-collection and to guarantee a profitable increase.

Founded in 1967 in Stockholm, Marc O’Polo is one of the international leading Premium Modern Casual Brands by now. The Marc O’Polo world consists of the collections Marc O’Polo Modern Casual and Smart, Marc O’Polo Shoes and licences such as Marc O’Polo Junior, Accessories, Eyewear, Beachwear and many more.
Marc O’Polo is currently available in about 30 countries, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.