Manifatture 7 Bell, the Italian jeanswear specialist and owner of the Roy Rogers brand, has recently launched a new e-commerce multibrand concept. “We wanted to create an online multi-brand store that, similarly to our own flagship stores, offers premium brands that complement our own stable of brands,” comments Guido Biondi, creative director of the company that produces brands such as Roy Rogers, President's, Nichol Judd and Union Spark. “Alongside our own brands, we will offer high-research Japanese and US brands that can help recognize, appreciate and increase the worth of what we are producing as well as increase our own brands' perception.”

The e-commerce website offers men’s, women’s and kidswear. It appears as both a blog and an on-line magazine. The website will be updated once or twice a week and will always launch new products that relate to different multimedia content. “For instance, in addition to our own brands, we will present products such as Trickers, with whom we already started producing a special edition lace-up shoe model for women, Nike, and Filson, a brand that has existed for 150 years – a good partner that can be showed near to us since we are the oldest Italian jeans brand and a true long-time expert in this market.” And continues Biondi: “We will be choosing single products and not fashion total looks because our aim is to build up a lifestyle. Moreover, through us consumers can get to know niche brands they still don't know.”

The website will follow the same rhythms of regular selling seasons. Deliveries are guaranteed in three/four days worldwide since all products are stocked inside the company's premises. In addition, shipment and return of merchandise will be free. “Our aim as a company is to continue focusing on authenticity and so is the aim of our new e-commerce concept,” continues Biondi. “It is like presenting our own shop window that shows our own brands together with many other very beautiful brands. Everyone knows Roy Rogers as a true classic product that lasts for a long time. By presenting ourselves near to other similar products we can only benefit from that… Today people need to be assured by products that can last a long time. We are different from a market that believes in pieces that today are hot and the day after are not, we rather focus on pieces that stay cool because we don't follow fast passing fads.”